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Set design - set designer...
...not a job but a vocation

The term "set designer" comprises of the following professional titles:
set designer, set artist, scenery equipment supervisor, stage designer,
art designer and or production designer.
The sphere of activity of the set designer comprises of the artistic creative arrangement,
technical and organizational planning and the realization of the scenic equipment of film
and TV productions, as well as industrial and publicity films, where the set designer brings
his ideas and sketches to bear during the preparatory phase.  The realization phase covers
site supervision of the studio sets, the fit out of the decoration according to the agreement
with the direction, camera and wardrobe departments.
The job calls for the continuous involvement in the creation of the dramatically necessary
aesthetic and emotional atmosphere, initiating situation-related artistic modifications in
the run-up, requirements such as alterations, conversions, porches and post-production
demolitions and restorations.  It also includes the elaboration of costs, the ability to motivate, knowledgeable people and -last but not least- a lot of enthusiasm!

Source: Verband der Szenenbildner, Filmarchitekten und Kostümbildner - SFK
(Association of the production designers, art directors and costume designers)

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