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Architecture in the protection of historical monuments (Italy-Germany) .

The wish to reside close to the sea, perhaps congenital and often only a dream,
at the campfire, at the coffee table of innumerable attic apartments or in the local
pub in the village street in the Ruhr basin.  However, this brilliant euphoria to
become oneself seeps away with age into the rock of social responsibility...
unless you get hold of it right here and now!
Back then, at the end of the seventies - it was a coincidence, 12 % pure coincidence
in a number of emptied bottles.  The spiritual content persuaded me with the certain
necessary carelessness to sign the purchase agreement.  There I was - a thousand
ideas, no money, and not the slightest knowledge of Italian!
If I had known at that time the future dimensions* resulting from that signature; never
in my life would I have believed myself capable of starting to remove the building
rubble, stones and rotten wood with "Aldo", to parcel out ruins, to demolish and sell
torso like buildings, and to take over the planning and building site supervision.
Aldo......yes, Aldo was a mule - the only one we had.  The access road was covered
with stone building material; there were difficulties and by-laws, written in a language
which was still foreign to me - as was the culture.
Well, today the little village is a small architectural jewel situated in the heart of the
countryside and the focus of newspaper and TV reports...

„Grazie tedeschi... per l´arte di pietra!” headlined „La Repubblica“,
Ligurian newspaper.

Six estates
Construction volume
450 meters
Protection of historical monuments SV
1,550qm of living area
access roads
Water supply - mains connection - telephone line - cesspit - refuse collection
Villa at the seaside Bauhaus style - Cervo IM/Italy
Swimming pool and ivy-covered steel-frame garage
Construction volume
Core removal
Garden greenhouse
Protection of historical monuments
170qm living area
total renovation of the ground floor to the top floor